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Our tyres in Trafalgar will help you on your way

Trust John Brown for tyres with all your tyre needs.  

John Brown For Tyres in Trafalgar is your first choice when choosing tyres for your vehicle. Tyres are your contact with the road; making sure that they are in the best condition possible ensures that you are as safe and in control as possible when driving your vehicle. 

We take our job seriously, and we know how important tyres are to road safety and your safety is out priority.

Tyres and Wheels

John Brown For Tyres offers Gippsland’s most comprehensive tyre services. Come on down to see us for:

  • New tyres
  • Tyre advice
  • Sales and fitting
  • Wheels for all vehicles

We specialise in tyres for earthmoving and farm vehicles, so if you require oversized tyres, call John Brown in Trafalgar today. 


It is vitally important to make sure that your tyres are in good working order. Bald or cracked tyres can lead to loss of traction and blow-outs, which can be very dangerous and costly.

We provide a fast, affordable service on which you can rely. When you have a John Brown tyre fitted, you know that you are driving on wheels that are safe and reliable.

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